Our Story

Hungry Run Wine & Spirits are crafted in a small barn in the rural countryside of Vira, PA, outside of Lewistown.  Our name derives from the Hungry Run stream that runs through the beautiful farmlands here in our valley.

Hungry Run opened its doors to the public in December of 2015, selling in two satellite locations:  Wilson's Meats & Groceries in Lewistown and Squire Brown's in Reedsville.  It then branched out to a location in Spring Mills - "Marrara's at Tussey" event center (now closed), and The Barn at Lemont in State College, a local business co-op.  In December of 2017 we redesigned and expanded our tasting room at Squire Brown's to include our spirits and seating.  We are thrilled with the response we have received and look forward to special events and parties to be hosted there.  

Business partners, Donald Logan and Steve Flood, pride themselves on producing outstanding wines utilizing the highest quality fruit and juice available, locally and from around the world. Even our spirits are made with quality local ingredients.  We are "hand crafted" and "small batch."

Steve has been producing wine in his home, experimenting with both red and white wines, since January 2011.  His wines were such a hit with family and friends that he decided he would realize a dream and become an entrepreneur. His friendship with Donny began on the golf course where Donny would share his own dream of owning a distillery.  Soon, their plans took shape and a partnership was formed.  The idea of a winery and distillery in Pennsylvania would come to fruition.

At Hungry Run Wine & Spirits, we are passionate about our wine and spirits and trust you will enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoy making our products.